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Skyline of Edinburgh, Scotland

Last Updated:   13 March 2016

Table of Contents:

 Steinbeck's "Cannery Row" and "Sweet Thursday"
    - A photo essay of the sites mentioned in the books.
  Origin of the family name and Coat of Arms...
    - The name Nale is not very common, but has an interesting origin.
  Finding my Family...
    - How I found the family I didn't know I had.
 Literature: Some of my favourite passages
     - A way of sharing some things that appeal to me.
  Pictures  A photo gallery of places we have visited and other things of interest.
     - Currently contains: Mull, Arran, Cornwall , Pennsylvania, Henninger Family, New England, Scotland, Cove, Athens, Aegina, Madeira and more...
     - Simple food, well prepared. Sample Recipes, My Full  Personal Cookbook, Recipe Conversion Chart
     -Interesting sites on the Internet.

Click here for two pictures of Sean Connery in a kilt!

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