"Cannery Row"
"Sweet Thursday"

by John Steinbeck

   These two novels are not as well known or respected as they should be.

   They are minor gems of literature that bring the reader very close to the man that John Steinbeck must have been. They draw on his firsthand experience, the real people he encountered before becoming famous and the area in which he lived during the formative portion of his life.

   In "surfing" the various sites dealing with Steinbeck in general and these two novels in particular, I have found the pictures to be less than satisfying.
   I was fortunate enough to visit Cannery Row late in the 1960s and I have dug through my slides to find the pictures I have included in this site.
   These were the places that interested me and the pictures show them before they were over-exploited and the area was given a Disneyland gloss.

   I have attempted to match the pictures with a bit of text that makes reference to that which is pictured.

David Nale, David@Nale.org

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Monterey Bay with Cannery Row in the distance.

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