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Chauras  "Black Marigolds"

Clark, Kenneth  "Civilisation"

Coolidge, Calvin "The Autobiography of"

Cummings, E.E.  "O sweet spontaneous"

Fascinating First Paragraphs From a Variety of Authors

Faulkner, William Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

Faulkner, William "The Reivers"

Faulkner, William "The Sound and the Fury"

Frost, Robert - "After Apple-Picking"

Frost, Robert - "Mending Wall"

Heller, Joseph - "Catch-22"

Lee, Harper - "To Kill a Mockingbird"

Lockridge Jr, Ross - "Raintree County" 

Maclean, Norman - "A River Runs Through It"

McGonagall, William - "The Tay Bridge Disaster"

McIlvaney, William - "...Don't Call Me Politically Correct..."

McIlvaney, William - "Laidlaw"; from Chapter 1, Chapter 14,

Melville, Herman - "Moby Dick"

Morgan, Edwin - "Message Clear " , "In the Snack Bar"

Smith, Ian Crichton - "The Blot"

Steinbeck, John - "Cannery Row"  "Prologue", "Chapter 2", "Chapter 2 Annotated", "Chapter 29 Music for a Mood"

Steinbeck, John - "Travels With Charley" Charley and the Bears

Stoppard, Tom - "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead"

Thomas, Dylan - "Do not go gentle..."

White, T. H. - "The Once and Future King"

Wilder, Thornton - "Our Town"

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