From the Kitchen of David and Jean Nale

  Maple Custard

 New England recipe. Very smooth and rich. Amazingly simple to make.
3 Eggs
100 ml Maple Syrup*
500 ml Milk
Dash of Salt
Dash of Ground Cloves
* You may use golden syrup with imitation Maple flavouring added
  • Whip the eggs until light and foamy. Whip in the syrup, then the milk, then the salt.
  • Pour into six small custard dishes and sprinkle a very small amount of the cloves on the top.
  • Place the dishes in a roasting pan of hot water and bake, uncovered, for 40+ minutes at 350° F. (180° C. / Gas Mark 4).
  • The best test is to insert the blade of a table knife into the centre. When it come out clean, the custards should be removed from the oven.
  • Serve either warm or cold.

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