Isle of Arran September 2008

This was our first visit to the Isle of Arran.

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Settled in on the ferry and not seasick. Our ferry in Brodick on the Isle of Arran. Our cottage from the back garden. The spacious living room.
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The huge kitchen. Ours were the upper two floors of the old pirn mill. The view from our living room. The sunset from the living room. The stream that used to power the mill.
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Our beach at Pirnmill.
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Happy as a clam at high tide! Arran has a large number of standing stones and stone circles. This is the Druid Stone, north of Machrie. Auchagallon Stone Circle.
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A family of swans at Blackwaterfoot.
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A stone circle on Machrie Moor. And standing stones on Machrie Moor.
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Most of the beaches are made of pebbles, but some sand here and there.
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Our trusty steed... The lighthouse on Pladda Island and Ailsa Craig. The beach at Kildonan.
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Ailsa Craig from the south tip of Arran. Isle of Pladda. Holy Isle from Whiting Bay. Heather near Catacol. The path through the Glen of Catacol.
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The island has many excellent walks from the sea up into the hills.
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Hills east of Lochranza. Brodick Castle.
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Pizza? Merkland Wood on the grounds of Brodick Castle. Along Dan's Path in Merkland Wood.
DSC04218.JPG DSC04220.JPG DSC04223.JPG DSC04222_2.jpg's all folks!

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