Isle of Arran, September 2009

Pictures taken during a week of wonderful sunshine and balmy weather.

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Flyte on board the ferry to Arran. The Isle of Arran from the ferry. Deer gardening at Lochranza. Deer gardening at Lochranza. First night's sunset from our cottage living room.
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Two swans seen from our beach. In the distance is the Mull of Kintyre. "Boathouse Beach" at Dougarie, looking across Machrie Bay. Happy as a clam at high tide! Nowhere he would rather be... The hill above the beach.
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Dougarie Lodge. One of the "resident" red squirrels outside our kitchen window. One of the "resident" red squirrels outside our kitchen window. Another sunset...
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Along the path to Machrie Moor. Ruins of Moss Farm on Machrie Moor. Ruins of Moss Farm on Machrie Moor. A stone circle on the moor. Standing stone on the moor.
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Cluster of standing stones on the moor. Flyte and David on a boulder that was being made into a grinding wheel. and again... Jean and Flyte giving a sense of size to the standing stones.
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Seagulls on "Boathouse Beach" at Dougarie. Seagulls on "Boathouse Beach" at Dougarie. Seagulls on "Boathouse Beach" at Dougarie. The boathouses and the bridge at Dougarie Lodge. Jean and Flyte on "Boathouse Beach".
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"Our beach" at Pirnmill. Machrie Bay as seen on our walk toward the King's Cave. Along the path... Along the path...
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Pladda Lighthouse as seen from Kildonan. The hills to the north of Kildonan. Heather at the start of our walk up Glen Catacol. Flyte loves to bite the bubbles in the rapids. He won't be thirsty for some time!
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A grove of silver birch. The view up Glen Catacol. Leaving the burn behind for a while... But not for long...
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More heather... The view down the glen and across Kilbrannan Sound to the Mull of Kintyre.
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Some toadstools on a different path to the King's Cave at Machrie.
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Sun on the sound...
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Our last morning as the weather turns...The Lochranza Ferry in the distance. A pitiful "baby" gull, calling for his mother. Goat Fell from the ferry. Holy Isle on the way home.
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And on the ferry, Flyte made a new friend. who shared her toys with him.

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