Isle of Arran April 2013

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The best dog in the world, packed and ready to travel. Still a bit of Snow remains on Goat Fell. Two weeks earlier the island had 16-foot drifts and no power! The rough seas cast up large amounts of kelp. This made the oyster catchers very happy.
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We were joined by Jean's brother, Ralph Davidson, and his wife, Gillie. We took advantage of a break in the storm to show them Machrie Moor. Flyte volunteered as our guide. By the time we got out to the larger standing stones... ...the weather had improved...
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...and there was even blue sky. Flyte encouraged us onward... the rain held off. Flyte repeating his pose at Brodick Castle. After the last storm of the week, the kelp increased.
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But still enough clear beach for a good run. The last days were the best... Happiest when the tide is out. The kelp was several feet thick in places. And what a smell! Drumnadoon from the beach.
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Happy to be on the beach... Stick, sand, sea and sun... enough to make Flyte happy. A dog and his man... on a beautiful day. Looking across to the Mull of Kintyre. The back garden of the cottage where we stay.
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View from the clubhouse of the golf course. The Doon (Drumnadoon) viewed over the golf course. Ready to board and head home...

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