Isle of Arran, October 2012

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Beach at Blackwaterfoot looking toward the village. Barnacle rock in the foam. The recent rains filled the burn. Jean and Flyte exploring the burn. Jean and Flyte again...
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Toadstools in the deep, dark woods... ... on the way to the King's Cave. Kilmory Cairns, a set of Neolithic chambered burial cairns. Ailsa Craig in the background. A pensive Flyte on his beach... He would happily stay there all day.
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At least as long as we threw things for him. Ailsa Craig, to the south of Arran, as seen from Drumadoon Point. Rocks covered with seabirds at Drumadoon Point. I wanted to see how close I could get to them. They did not seem to be aware of...
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... or bothered... ... by my approach. Then I started getting baleful stares... ... so I left them in peace. "The Doon". Drumadoon Point.
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Bright red Rowan Berries. (Mountain Ash) Wild red rose hips. Drumadoon Bay. Incoming tide... Wild white rose.
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Wild white rose hips. Drumadoon Bay from the dunes. Flyte having his last run on the beach before heading home. Drumadoon Point. To the left is an ancient sea stack.
Goatfell from the ferry on our way home.

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