Burghead 2011

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Burghead from the seafront.. Curlew Cottage, Burghead Back garden, Curlew Cottage. Burghead from the beach. Heather...
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...the best we have ever seen. Everywhere you look... ... a sea of purple. Peacock butterfly on heather of Roseisle Forest. Peacock butterfly on heather of Roseisle Forest.
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Funghi in the forest. Funghi in the forest. Distant view of Burghead. Fly Agaric in Roseisle Forest. The beach at Hopeman.
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The beach at Hopeman. The golden sands of Burghead Beach with Burghead in the distance. During WWII, the beach was blocked for most of its length by a line of anti-tank cubes, and frequent pillboxes. At first it was to prevent an expected German invasion and the capture of the RAF Airfield. Later the beach was used to train troops for the eventual D-Day invasion.
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The structures have withstood the attack of the elements very well. It must have been a massive task building all this in such a remote area. Originally built on the dunes, erosion has eaten away under the pillboxes. The walk through Roseisle. The walk through Roseisle.
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Scots Pine on the dunes. The end of a beautiful week at Burghead.

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