Cove June 2010

The annual visit to the cottage that we rent in the northwest of Scotland.

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Our usual cottage, but with an important change. A sunporch has been added which greatly improves the property. Jean and Flyte are happy to be back on the beach at Firemore. A view of nearby Gairloch. Looking the other direction.
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A view from the Gairloch beach. We were joined for a few days by Jim and Anne Renton. A heron on the way up Flowerdale. Snailmail in Gairloch. The beach at Firemore.
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Treasures from the sea. Flyte in his element. A rock at low tide. The pasture at Firemore. The wildflowers were in full bloom.
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"I know a bank where the wild thyme blows..." Midsummer Night's Dream Scotland's thistle. The cable house at Firemore. The cable house at Firemore. Flyte once again met up with Rosie.
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They had a good visit... And promised to meet up again next year... The following pictures were taken by Anne and Jim Renton.. Jim and Jean in the walled garden in Inverewe Gardens. David... at a respectful distance.
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The view across the head of Loch Ewe. The usual suspects on Firemore Beach. Jim Renton, braving the weather. David and Jim. Jean, Anne, Flyte and David.

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