Cove, June 2008

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On our way to the cottage we usually stop at this National Trust Property called The Hermitage. Flyte loves it... And ponder the wonder of water. Black Linn Falls
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Ossian's Hall Flyte and Jean at the Hermitage Jean and Flyte at Firemore Beach near Cove. A still life of sand, shells and stones. Loch Ewe and Isle of Ewe.
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Jean experimenting with her camera. Flyte in hiding. Loch Ewe Flyte daring the tide to come in. A view to the headland.
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A sandpiper(?) David and Flyte at the north end of Firemore. The bog cotton was at its best. There was more of it than in previous years.
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A happy dog... with his ball. Jean's two best friends.
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Isle of Eve Wildflowers on the headland. And beyond, the sea...
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The marhes were full of yellow iris. A moment of rest on the headland. Looking from the headland out to the sea. A seal on the rocks in front of our cottage.
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Sea thrift.
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A sign on the highway near Poolewe. Scottish hospitality? "Set ye doon!" But sit with care! Scotch broom seen on the way home.

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