Cove, June 2009

A selection of the pictures taken during our visit to the cottage we rent in Cove, near Gairloch in the Highlands of Scotland.

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Our rented cottage in the hamlet of Cove is the one in the centre. It's a long walk to Firemore Beach... but it is worth it! Firemore Beach at its pristine best. Jean and Flyte.
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Jean and Flyte. Red sails, but no sunset... Isle of Ewe in Loch Ewe looking toward Aultbea. Flyte loves this beach... more everytime we visit.
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The view from the cove at Cove. Needs a little work... starting with a roof! Looking south over Loch Ewe. A wild orchid along the Cove road.
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Another view of Loch Ewe. Another view of Loch Ewe. Another view of Loch Ewe. Firemore Beach with surf. Oyster catchers at the north end of Firemore.
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And off they go! A crevasse near the tip of the headland. The buildings at the WWII military base. They overlooked the mouth of the huge natural harbour. At one time the roof was covered with soil and heather as camouflage.
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Wild yellow iris growing next to our driveway. Even Flyte has to catch his breath now and then. Sandpiper? Inverewe Gardens... a National Trust site.
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In the walled garden. The walled garden fron the shore side. This was the only gardener we saw working. But working very hard. Fish and chips in Gairloch: a break from cooking.
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Has anyone see my eggs? They were around here somewhere... Never mind. "So, I'm parking!" Periwinkles? Barnacles and mussels.
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A distance view of Firemore Beach. A seal in the bay in front of our cottage. It basks there for hours... More Flyte on the beach... The headland to the north of Firemore.
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Birdsfoot trefoil. A tour ship visiting Loch Ewe. Very choppy water that day. This was the view from our cottage. Sea thrift.
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Flyte and his friend, Rosie. Jean trying th keep the ball away from Rosie. After two weeks of sunshine, the overcast arrived as we were leaving for home.

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