Cove, June 2011

Two weeks in one of our favourite places.

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Flyte on the way to his beach: Firemore. No time for being coy! This is what I have been waiting for all those hours in the back of the car. All to ourselves. David and Flyte on Firemore.
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Flyte and Jean near our cottage. Range upon range of Scottish mountains. You can see why we return here year after year. Low tide. The dry island on Firemore with a view across Loch Ewe.
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The sea returns. Jean and Flyte on the machair. "I was using this path first..." "Blasted tourists!" Possibly the most handsome dog in the world.
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A view from the headland. Heather on the headland. A cruise ship anchored off our harbour at Cove. Dog? What dog? I am invisible....
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The last light of a beautiful day. A perfect puffball. Flyte tries the water... ...and discovers he can swim. High tide.
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A sinister submarine cruises past our cottage. The wild orchids on the machair. A closer view. The purple variety. Flyte leaves his mark.
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Our last day at the beach. A parting message from Flyte's girlfriend: "FLYTE PMAIL ROSIE".

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