Cove June 2012

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Flyte dashing down to Firemore Beach. We were blessed with two weeks of this weather... ...while the rest of the UK had rain and more rain. Jackie introducing her new pup, Pippin. Flyte is unimpressed. Jean with Flyte, Rosie and Pippin on Firemore Beach.
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The three of them on their first romp of the season. "Oh, yeah. He is cute and soft, but he has a LOT to learn." "No! You can't call me 'Daddy'!" "Yes, 'Uncle Flyte' will be acceptable." "Pippin, you have the pose about right. Now lift the ears."
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"Grrr... No, Pippin, just a bit too personal." "Time for your next lesson." "OK, this is a ball." "Just remember that this is MY ball." "Yes, that is a respectful distance. Remember what I said about ears up!"
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"This is how you communicate with absent friends." "We can work on the leg-lifting the next time." "This teaching is exhausting work..." "Nothing like a refreshing, solitary, swim." "I feel better already!"
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Looking south past Cove. The entrance to Cove cove. The mountains beyond Loch Ewe. The white dot on the right is our cottage. Arch rock near the entrance to Loch Ewe.
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A stranger arrives. Flyte finally notices. A standard Border Collie "stare-down" ensues. Each dog respects the space of the other. Flyte on "Dry Island" with the mouth of Loch Ewe in the distance. Jean's cousin Anne Renton and her husband, Jim, once again joined us for a holiday.
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The cottage with Anne Renton playing with Flyte. The purple flowers are wild orchids... ... the yellow is Bird's-foot Trefoil. A multicoloured version of Bird's-foot Trefoil. Flyte, Gairloch beach and the Isle of Skye in the distance.
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The beach at Gairloch. The view from our bedroom window. Looking across our bay to Stirkhill and the Isle of Ewe. Loch Ewe, Isle of Ewe and the mountains beyond. Stirkhill.
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A parcel of Oystercatchers. (Really) Better than a Rockerfeller of Oystercatchers. Jean and Flyte at the north end of Firemore Beach. A Ringed Plover chick holding very still. Black-headed Gull chick and hatching eggs.
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Next day: Obviously the mother moved the chick to a safer location. We could hear the parents trying to lure us away. The Cable House at Firemore Beach. Nothing refreshes like a good swim! Flyte on Dry Island.
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And again. Wild thyme. Sea thrift. Flyte in the high meadow. The three of us on our way home....

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