Cove June 2013

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The view from our cottage. Flyte and Pippin meet again on the beach at Firemore. Ever youthful Jim Renton paddling barefoot in the sea. Anne Renton, Jean and Flyte at Firemore. A row of Laburnums at Inverewe Gardens.
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The rhodendrons were at their best. So were the midges and we did not linger to be devoured. Sea Thrift on the rocks at Gairloch Beach. More Sea Thrift. Pippin will takes some cleaning before being allowed back in the house by Jackie.
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He can never just pick up a ball. He has to dive at it... A very neat and handsome Flyte staring out the window of the sun porch. Gairloch Beach. A panorama from Gairloch Beach. The yellow iris was just coming into bloom.
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They were late this year, as were other flowers. We have never seen such density of bloom on the Scotch Broom. The view out the front windows of the cottage. The rocks on the south part of Firemore. The rocks on the south part of Firemore.
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Flyte coming to check on me... We had some glorious weather... This area just above the beach is called the "machair". The wild thyme was just coming into bloom. It will soon make the area a sea of purple.
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A long view of Loch Maree from the Poolewe - Gairloch highway. A crannog in Loch Tollaidh. More sea thrift. A flat rainbow. Looking across Loch Ewe to Aultbea. Gairloch Beach.
One last stroll for Jean and Flyte before heading homeward.

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