Dick & Edythe Visit Scotland September 2011

Dick and Edythe Krape visited us in Scotland. Here are some of the pictures we took while together. Pictures are marked (Dick), (David) or (Jean).

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Edythe and David walking toward the Nasmyth Bridge in the Almondell Park. (Dick) The River Almond. (Dick) Jean with Flyte's "FlingThing". (Dick) Jean prepares David for the picture. (Dick) The picture, with an impatient Flyte in the distance. (Dick)
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The Almond. (Dick) Downstream from the bridge. (Dick) Downstream from the bridge. (Dick) The ruin of St Cuthbert's across from our house. (Dick) Rosslyn Chapel (Dick)
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The approach to Rosslyn Castle. (David) The remains of the gatehouse of Rosslyn Castle. (David) A house made out of the remains of Rosslyn Castle and sitting on top of its wall. (David) The Bridge Inn on the Union Canal in Ratho. (Dick) The Union Canal towpath at Ratho. (Dick)
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A distant shot of Edinburgh taken from Gosford House, East Lothian. (Dick) North Berwick. (Dick) North Berwick. (Dick) The shore at North Berwick with Jean and Flyte in the distance. (Dick) The Celtic cross in front of the Seabird Centre. (Dick)
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Islands off shore at North Berwick. (Dick) Dick, Edythe, Jean and Flyte on the foreshore at North Berwick with Bass Rock in the distance. (David) Bass Rock from North Berwick, across the paddling pool. (Dick) Sculpture at the Seabird Centre with Berwick Law in the background. (Dick) Sculpture against the North Sea and Bass Rock. (Dick)
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Tantallon Castle and Bass Rock. (David) Preston Mill near East Linton. (Dick) The mill wheel. (Dick) David, Jean and Flyte at Preston Mill. (Dick) Dick and Edythe at Preston Mill. (David)
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Edythe, David, Dick and Flyte on the path behind the mill. (Jean) Forth Road Bridge on the way to the Kingdom of Fife. (Dick) Forth Rail Bridge. (Dick) Aberdour Castle entrance. (Dick) Aberdour Castle. (Dick)
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Aberdour Castle. (Dick) Aberdour Castle. (Dick) Lunch in the sun at Aberdour Castle. (David) The dovecot. (Dick) Sundial on the castle. (Dick)
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In the walled garden. (Dick) The steeple of St Fillan's. (Dick) St Fillan's Church. (David) St Fillan's graveyard. (David) St Fillan's. (Dick)
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St Fillan's. (Dick) St Fillan's (Dick) St Fillan's (Dick) Stained glass in St Fillan's. (Dick) The Firth of Forth looking across to Edinburgh. (Dick)
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The Firth of Forth looking across to Edinburgh. (Dick) The Firth of Forth looking across to Edinburgh. (Dick) Countryside from the car on the way to Falkland Palace. (Dick) Countryside from the car on the way to Falkland Palace. (Dick) Countryside from the car on the way to Falkland Palace. (Dick)
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Plaque on the wall in Falkland. (Dick) Falkland Palace. (David) Wall in Falkland. (Dick) Courtyard in Falkland. (Dick) View of Falkland Palace Gardens. (Dick)
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Falkland Palace. (Dick) On the way back to East Calder. (Dick) On the way back to East Calder. (Dick) On the way back to East Calder. (Dick) On the way back to East Calder. (Dick)
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Back across the Forth Road Bridge and nearly home. (Dick) Flyte in our back garden. (Dick) From here on are pictures of Flyte. (Dick) (Not that Dick was fond of him...)
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"That's all, Folks!" (Dick)

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