Henninger Family Photographs

The pictures on this page were supplied by John W. Henninger and his wife Vonnie.
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SolHenninger.jpg FrankHenninger.jpg HenningerBoys.jpg JamesWillaHenninger.jpg
Solomon Henninger (1852 - 1922) and Mary Ann Bulick (1849 - 1914) Children in picture are: Viola Henninger Hackett, Will Henninger, Maude Henninger Bigelow, Frank Henninger Solomon Henninger's son, Frank in bed Three of Solomon Henninger's sons James B. Henninger (John's grandfather), Will Henninger (moved his wife, Bess, and family to Ohio), Tom Henninger James Bulick Henninger (1883 - 1970) Willa Mae Crissman Henninger (1883 - 1948) (John's Grandparents)
UnclesHenninger.jpg Will & Bess Henninger.jpg Temple Class.jpg S.W.Henninger.jpg
Henningers Summer 1963 in Millheim PA John W. Henninger; James B. Henninger, Grandfather; Maynard Henninger, Uncle; Dr. Frank Merle Henninger, Uncle. William "Will" and Besse Crissman Henninger from Akron Ohio. "Will" was the son of Solomon. Dr. F. M. Henninger's graduating class from Temple University. "Doc" is 3rd from the left. Solomon Walker Henninger, John's father. (1905- 1963) Owned and operated the Millheim Hotel from 1941 to 1949.
Dr. F. M. Henninger.jpg BlairHenninger.jpg Maynard & Kathryn Henninger.jpg Maynard&Thelma.jpg
Dr. F. M. Henninger (1906-1980) graduated from Temple University Medical School in 1937. He lived and practiced in Millheim PA for 37 years. This picture was two weeks before he died on the street in State College PA. Blair Henninger, son of James B. Henninger. A brother to "Doc", Maynard, Walker and Thelma. (1908-1960) Maynard and Kathryn Raupp Henninger. Lived in Philadelphia PA most of their life. Maynard died in 2000. Maynard Henninger and his sister, Thelma Henninger Wilkinson.
John&Vonnie.jpg ChrisHenningerFamily.jpg
John and Vonnie Henninger. Chris Henninger Family. He is John's son.

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