Visit to Madeira - April 2004

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Our hotel on the Seafront at Ponto do Sol Our hotel Our hotel The whole street used to be warehouses for bananas and sugar cane. Our hotel with the cliff behind
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The police station! West end of seafront with closed cinema up on the hill. View of the seafront from the police station. Our nearby church. The cliff at the east end.
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West end. The pub on the point. Bridge linking point to boat landings. From point to Ribeira Brava. Below the cliff.
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Jean taking the sun. Looking west. Church at Ribeira Brava Sylvia on Ribeira Brava Quay View from Ribeira Brava Quay
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Sam, Jean and Sylvia on Ribeira Brava Quay. Ribeira Brava Ribeira Brava Iceplant Bird of Paradise
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Ribeira Brava Church Lane leading to Blandy's Gardens. The house at Blandy's Gardens. View across the camellias to Funchal. Blandy's Gardens
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Sylvia, Jean and Sam at Blandy's Gardens. Blandy's Gardens Grapefruit in Blandy's Gardens "Porcupine" bush in Blandy's Gardens Ladies garden at Blandy's
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Frog pond at Blandy's Queen Mary II from the Botanic Gardens. Orchids at Botanic Gardens Orchids Orchids
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Botanic Gardens Botanic Gardens Still in the harbour. A comparison to a "normal" sized liner. Ponto do Sol
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View from Police Station Jean looking at Ponto do Sol. Church at Monte. Wicker toboggans at the top of the downhill run. Wicker toboggan
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Datura View of Nuns' Valley. Nuns' Valley Nuns' Valley Cliffs above Nuns' Valley.
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Jean relaxing in our room. Sylvia and Sam Sylvia, Sam and Jean Looking down on Ponto do Sol Morning Glory
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Bananas everywhere! Bananas everywhere! Bananas everywhere! Bananas everywhere! Good Friday procession.,
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Sylvia coming out of Mass. Easter Sunday procession Police and Cinema Old Cinema View west
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Ponto do Sol Bougainvillaea Not all was scenic.. They were doing massive construction of sea barrier. The crane from our window
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Astounding noise and confusion from sunrise to sunset. No access to any of the beach. It will be great... eventually!

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