Isle of Mull October 2010

A week in a cottage on the Ross of Mull with a trip over to Iona.

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A view of Oban from the ferry. The harbour at Oban. Cruising past the ruins of Dunollie Castle. Flyte discovering the beach at Pennyghael on Mull. Pennyghael, Isle of Mull.
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Pennyghael, Isle of Mull. The Isle of Iona from the ferry. The view back to the Isle of Mull from the Iona ferry. The north end of Iona. The ferry returning to Fionnphort from Iona.
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British Telecom "Headquarters" on Iona. You have been warned! The Nunnery, built in 1203, on Iona. Jean and Flyte inside the Nunnery. Flyte and "baldy-heided" friend.
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Iona Abbey built around 1200. Ruins to the north of Iona Abbey against a backdrop of Mull. Tomb slabs in the Iona Abbey Museum. Iona Abbey from the baptismal font. Iona Abbey sanctuary.
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Iona Abbey. Iona Abbey. On our way to the beach at Ardalanish. The beach at Ardalanish looking east. The beach at Ardalanish looking west.
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The beach at Ardalanish. The cottage near Kintra. The garden of the cottage near Kintra. The cottage near Kintra. The cottage near Kintra.
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The cottage near Kintra. The cottage near Kintra. Some of our nearest neighbours. These are Jacob's Lambs, a rare breed of sheep. Staffa from near our cottage.
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A way marker near our cottage. Where the farm meets the sea to the north of our cottage. Hagrid's Hut? next to the home of our landlord. The beach at Uisken. Uisken is over the headland to the east of Ardalanish.
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Uisken Flyte discovered this hidden cove. (Did you spot him in the last picture?) A well marked stile at the end of the beach. A shell in the sand...
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Oyster catchers... The west end of the beach. A walk we took just south of our cottage. The path took us through a deserted village. One of the better preserved cottages.
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"Father, Son and Holy Ghost" standing stones. Jean and Flyte near a hut in the heather. Flyte inside the hut where we sheltered during a shower. The house in the distance is our cottage. More of the village.
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More of the village. More of the village. More of the village. More of the village. A standing stone on the way to Ardalanish Beach.
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A standing stone on the way to Ardalanish Beach. "Baptist Cave" where services were held while they were "dissenters". Ardalanish Beach. Ardalanish Beach Rocks at the end of Ardalanish Beach.
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An eagle hovering near Ardalanish. View of Iona from the Torr Mor quarry. View of Staffa from the Torr Mor quarry. Another series of deserted cottages. These are on a walk across the moor...
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from Fidden to Pottie. Flyte... looking noble... and friend... just looking. A standing stone along the path. Our trusty steed... a Hyundai Matrix. Geese taking wing south of Fionnphort.
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Pennyghael on the way home. CalMac ferry returning from Oban. Coming to collect us. Approaching the dock. Duart Castle.
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Duart Castle. Looking back at Mull. Unidentified toadstool in Fearnoch Forest near Oban. Fly Agaric toadstool in Fearnoch Forest near Oban. Fly Agaric toadstools in Fearnoch Forest near Oban.

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