Pennsylvania, Virginia and D.C. 2001

A selection of the pictures taken during our visit to the United States.

philadelphia.jpg indhall.jpg philmuse.jpg cityhallstat.jpg cornerstone.jpg
A view of Philadelphia across the Schuylkill River Independence Hall on the 4th of July. The Philadelphia Museum of Art. A statue in front of the Philadelphia City Hall. The Cornerstone. A great B&B within an easy walk of the city.
watermelon.jpg sausage.jpg caboose.jpg JeanCab.jpg lunchbasket.jpg
A farmer's market in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. The Amish sausages being cooked along with the onions. Delicious! An old caboose next to the chocolate factory in Lititz, Pennsylvania. Jean on the caboose. The Lunch Basket. The best place to eat in Intercourse, Pennsylvania.
buggy.jpg cornfield.jpg kishmow.jpg kishmow2.jpg cemfarm.jpg
Standard transport in Intercourse. A cornfield in the Kishacoquillas Valley. An Amish boy turning the hay in the Kishacoquillas Valley. The horse-drawn rig approaches the turn. Cemetery in Belleville.
awngrave.jpg garstar.jpg bellevilleext.JPG henningercousin.jpg johnvonnie.jpg
The grave of a paternal Great-Grandfather in Woodlawn Cemetery, Milroy, Pennsylvania. His GAR star. The Belleville Lutheran Church viewed from the cemetery where my great-grandfather, Solomon Henninger is buried. Meeting my second-cousin John Henninger at the grave of our Great-Grandfather. St. John's Lutheran, Belleville, Mifflin County PA John and Vonnie Henninger. Their home page is
siglerville.jpg siglerside.JPG siglerchurch.jpg siglerext.JPG siglerchurchint.jpg
Siglerville, PA The Siglerville Lutheran Church. The Siglervile Church. My grandmother, Ellen Henninger, was baptised and married to William Charles Nale here. The interior.
siglerchurchwindow.jpg portulaca.jpg gettysburg.jpg diner.jpg naleclanmotel.jpg
A window in the church with the family name. Portulaca, a favourite of my grandmother. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania The Lincoln Diner in Gettysburg where we took almost all of our meals with Bob and Sharon. Bob Nale and family at our Gettysburg motel.
FromCycRoof.jpg djatmon.jpg barnField.jpg BobCann.jpg battlefieldBarn.jpg
A view of General Meade and the Gettysburg Battlefield from the roof of the cyclorama. David and Jean at the Virginia Memorial. A barn on the battlefield. Bob Nale standing next to a Whitworth Rifle, a breech loading gun imported by the Confederacy from England. A distant view of the battlefield.
bucktail.jpg seminaryCorn.jpg general.jpg cannon.jpg firmness.jpg
The monument to the Bucktail Brigade The Lutheran Seminary across a field of corn. A statue of General John Reynolds. A cannon near the site of the Gettysburg Address. Words from the Second Inaugural Address.
cemcannon.jpg general2.jpg pennsmon.jpg bobnap.jpg gettysem.JPG
Cannons on Cemetery Hill. A statue of General John Reynolds. The Pennsylvania Monument. My cousin Bob doing his famed impression of Napoleon. (But why at Gettysburg?) The Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary.
10Nales.jpg harperslongview.jpg harpersstreet.jpg harpersstreet2.jpg harpersstreet3.jpg
Ten Nales at the doors of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. Harper's Ferry National Historical Site. Harper's Ferry main street. Harper's Ferry main street. Harper's Ferry.
BrownFort.jpg shenskyline2.jpg shenskyline.jpg doe.jpg fawns.jpg
The "Fort" of John Brown in Harper's Ferry. The view from the Shenandoah National Park Skyline Drive. Looking across to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Along the trail this doe seemed unafraid. Here are her beautiful fawns.
monticello.jpg monticello5x7007.jpg butterfly.jpg uofvirgdome017.jpg uofv.jpg
Monticello Monticello front entrance. A butterfly at Monticello The Rotunda at the University of Virginia. Mr Jefferson in front of the building he designed.
rotundadist.jpg magnolia.jpg jeffmondist.jpg jeffmonclose.jpg jefferson.jpg
The U of V Rotunda viewed from the bottom of the quadrangle. A magnolia tree on the U of V campus. The Jefferson Monument in D. C. A closer view of the Jefferson Monument. Mr Jefferson inside his monument.
smithsonian.jpg loco.jpg capitol.jpg
The Smithsonian. The Nation's attic. In the Smithsonian is The “1401,” a 199-ton, 92-foot-long steam locomotive, built in 1926 for the Southern Railway. In 1945, it pulled President Franklin Roosevelt's funeral train. The Capitol in Washington D. C.

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