Susie Joins Us

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SusieGarden.jpg SusieFacing.jpg SusieBall.jpg SusieBlanket.jpg IM001425.jpg
Here is Susie in the back garden on 26 March 2006 when she joined us. As you can see, she is lovely and very alert. It is obvious that she has played with a ball before as she quickly tried to teach us how to fetch. Exploring the new house and charming the new family is exhausting work! 10 April 2006. Well settled in and looking thinner due to exercise and careful diet.
IM001426.jpg IM001428.jpg IM001436.jpg IM001440.jpg IM001441.jpg
Walk time yet? This is my good side. Actually, I don't have a bad side. Well, if you really want to see my BEST side... it is!
  IM001444.jpg IM001450.jpg IM001462RS.jpg
  My car! If you plan on going anywhere, I am going with you!

Susie and David walking next to the Killandean Burn in Livingston.

She was a delight to know and we still miss her very much.

Our time together was happy...

Last updated: 13 October 2010