Bob and Sharon Nale Visit Scotland, 2002

A brief chronicle of the sightseeing in Scotland.

culross3.jpg culross2.jpg culross4.jpg culross5.jpg
Umbrella at the ready, Sharon, Bob and Jean visit Culross Palace on the north shore of the Firth of Forth. Sharon sends her special "Hello!" wave to the folks at home. Bob startles the baker! Bob and Sharon at The Study in Culross.
culross6.jpg culross7.jpg haddington1.jpg haddington2.jpg
Now the day gets serious! The four Nales; Sharon, Bob, Jean and David; at the Red Lion in Culross. On our second day we went to visit St Mary's in Haddington. Bob tries on the pulpit for size.
haddington3.jpg prestonmill.jpg dirleton.jpg dirleton2.jpg
The stained glass at the west end of St Mary's, Haddington. Preston Mill near East Linton... A functional water-powered flour mill. Direleton Castle. Master and Mistress of all they survey.
dirleton3.jpg dirleton4.jpg dirleton5.jpg bassrock.jpg
Jean... taking a moment. In the remains of The Great Hall. The gardens at Dirleton. Bass Rock from Tantallon Castle.
seton.jpg HawesInn.jpg ForthRail.jpg ForthRoad.jpg
The Seton Collegiate Church near Longniddry. We had lunch at the Hawes Inn in South Queensferry. The Inn is features in the novel "Kidnapped". The Victorian Marvel, the Forth Rail Bridge, under which the Inn is located. The road bridge over the Firth of Forth as seen from The Hawes Inn.
calderext.jpg calderint.jpg pineapple.jpg holyrude.jpg
Bob and Sharon attend the Pre-Reformation Kirk of Calder in Mid Calder. The interior of the Kirk. John Knox once preached here. One of the oddest of the properties owned by the National Trust For Scotland. It was built in the early 1700's to raise pineapples indoors. The Church of the Holy Rude below Stirling Castle.
tombstone.jpg stirling.jpg stirgard.jpg stiroyal.jpg
An unusually graphic tombstone. Stirling Castle over the valley burying ground. The Queen's Garden in Stirling Castle. The Royal Apartments of Stirling Castle.
stirhall.jpg devil.jpg stirkitch.jpg bannock.jpg
The Great Hall of Stirling Castle. It was in Stirling Castle that Bob came face to face to face with the Devil! Bob and Sharon ordering their dinner in the kitchens of Stirling Castle. Bob and Sharon with Robert the Bruce on the Bannockburn Battlefield.
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