Wales, April 2008

We drove to Wales and stayed in a charming cottage while visiting with Gail, Ianto and Cai.

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The cottage on the RiverDyfi in Wales. A lovely setting surrounded by pastures full of sheep and lambs. The sitting room. Open beams and huge fireplace. The kitchen in the old dairy area.
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Our nearest neighbours... providing a constant chorus... from first light. On a walk near the cottage...
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A bridge in the Coed-y-Brenin Forest Park. The view from the bridge. And the other direction... Flyte discovers the joys of splashing about...
DSC03993.JPG DSC03996.JPG DSC03997.JPG DSC03998.JPG DSC03994.JPG
and wading... and body surfing... and water-biting... and fishing for sticks. Back to dry land.
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Jean helping grandson Cai up the bank. Two happy boys... Early violets... "I caught it... I eat it!" Cai, Ianto and Flyte... each with his mind on a different thing.
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"Where's Flyte?" The packhorse bridge at Dinas-mawddwy.
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Jean and her school-chum, Jane Seabury. Just across the Welsh border into Shropshire. The Lawley. There is an Iron Age Hillfort on the summit.
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Old drove road. Rheilffordd Talyllyn Railway. The steam is up... Flyte came with us and even had his own ticket.
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Looking for Thomas the Tank Engine.
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End of the line and of the visit to Wales.

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